How Do I Sell My House Fast?

How Do I Sell My House Fast?

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The Philadelphia area (and its Delaware suburbs) is in the middle of one of the hottest real estate markets in recent memory, but you can’t seem to sell your home through a real estate agent, or you’re afraid to list your home because it needs work. In either situation, you know that you don’t want this market to pass you by.

According to Patterson Schwartz, homes in New Castle County, DE are selling for about what they sold for last year, but there is more competition…so nicer homes are getting the attention by the buyers. In and Southern Chester County, PA, average property sale prices have increased by 5.6%, and there is more competition there too.

So what does this mean when buyers are not looking for homes that may need some work, or homes that you just want to get rid of? If you stick it out with a real estate agent, your house is going to sit on the market until the cows come home.

In fact, many agents stick a sign in your yard and go back to their office where they put their feet up on their desk and wait for another agent to magically bring a buyer and effectively sell your home for them…if your home is even one that they may be interested in to begin with. And many times, those buyers agents rely on their customers to find the houses they want to live in! So how do you stand out?

I’m here to tell you there is a better way! You need to explore the option of a private sale. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to sell your home through real estate agent! When you sell to a private home buyer, like Iron Hill Property Group, we buy homes in any condition, regardless of your situation. We’ve been buying homes since 2014, give us the opportunity to help you.

Give us a call at 302-476-0330 today or use the website form to provide us with your contact information and we’ll provide you with a fast and fair cash offer.

Waiting for the cows to come home

Waiting for a real estate agent to sell your home is like waiting for the cows to come home…

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